Hands In The Soil & AfroHaus present

SōL Day    Love Is The Religion

April 1, 2018    12-4 pm

Moonwater Farm    Compton, CA


A celebration of high vibration and

the 1st birthday of a young king named SōL



Peace family!


You are here because someone loves you and wants you to attend our upcoming SōL Day.


To describe the day in short: It will be an afternoon of community wellness, dance,
self-care, nutrient dense food and potent conversation. We hope to see you there!


Please be mindful of the notes below. Looking forward...


  • Invite your friends and the fam
  • Dress comfortably + bring a blanket
  • Your kids are welcome
  • All proceeds go toward covering event costs and sustaining community wellness

SōL Day Activities




Sunbathing      Sōul Sermons      Breathwork


Workshops     Live Art     Drum & Dance     Acupuncture


Paint Stations      Kids' Activities      Food + Drinks


Marketplace      Birthday Celebration